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Meet The Team

All of our key team members have been working at Brown Sugar for quite sometime.
From “The Boss” to the Food Safety Supervisor everyone has something in common and that has to be the “Brown Sugar Way”.
No matter what happens on a day to day basis all of the team have that special Brown Sugar attitude of lets make it happen!
Anyone thinking of joining the team with us needs to have boundless energy, unlimited commitment and  above all a can do approach to working alongside each and everyone of the team.
So here goes – some of the key members of staff:

Dariusz Usowski - Operations Supervisor

dariuszThe Operations Supervisor role is all encompassing and on a daily basis Dariusz has a range of tasks from inputting customer orders, stock control, picking orders to overseeing & managing Goods In and Out. You could say that he is Szymons right hand man and you could say that he is the person to go to if you need to know where anything is as he is incredibly organised and has a great attention to detail!
Like many of the team, Dariusz has been involved from the start and has worked his way upstairs ( literally) from being a picker to a supervisor.Everyone in the business knows that when a job needs doing Dariusz will always be the first to jump and make it happen.


Tom Leja - Bakery Manager

Tom’s love of bread and understanding of the process have grown from strength to strength and today Tom offers the business his full support in running what the bakery produces on a daily basis.tom
Getting the bakery to produce the right quantities at the right time to the perfect exacting standards is Tom’s main strength.
Making sure the production process runs like clockwork is an essential part of the business. 
Tom’s skills in getting the best out of the dough and helping to develop the new products required by the industry is paramount and he and the team deliver new and exciting flavours and ideas on a regular basis.

Monika Raszewska - Facilities Supervisor

Although the newest and youngest member of the management team, Monika already offers a unique approach to her role and makes a difference every day.
She is focused, task driven and not afraid to speak her mind when required!monika
Working closely alongside the other managers on the factory floor, Monika is the conduit between the planning, the reality and the outcome.
Having an unrivalled relationship with all members of staff on the factory floor enables Monika to successfully translate the issues that can occur and liaise with management to find solutions in a concise and efficient way.
The role of Facilities Supervisor offers clear and relevant insight into the daily routines of baking Bread. Being close to the team and understanding the technical requirements of producing the bread ensures that Monika is constantly in the right place to make recommendations on ways to constantly improve, adjust and get the best out of the process.

Lisa Lane - General Manager

Our “rose amongst thorns”, Lisa has the task of keeping everyone on the right track all of the time (well most of it !).lisa
Specifically responsible for HR and Finance, Lisa has the mammoth yet “motherly” task of attending to the wellbeing of the company  - from each and every staff member to all of our customers and suppliers.
Responsible for all the day to day running of the Business administration, from Payroll to Performance Management, Lisa demonstrates a clear head and an unrivalled sense of organisation, list making and attention to detail
Understanding the requirements of our customers and ensuring that they are matched with the correct information alongside the product they have requested and paid for is a unique skill.
Having Lisa at the Head of the HR and Finance departments provides the business with an overview of any challenges  that may be forthcoming and a calm and sensible approach of what to do and when.

Szymon Micek - Operations Manager

Szymon has his finger on the pulse. szymon
Making sure the factory has the right ingredients at the right time in the right place is crucial in meeting the demanding production schedules on a daily basis.
Providing the transparent link between information and baking the Bread Szymon is the “”go to man for information on stock, availability and customer status.
His ability to understand how the business is doing according to the current schedule is paramount.
As Brown Sugar strive to keep our customers happy and offer the best in terms of quality, taste and innovation Szymon has the job of making sure that we meet the standards, have the correct stock in place and can source the right ingredients at the right time.

Ghaleb Dabliz - simply known as "Boss"

Ghaleb's dessert island meal is sourdough bread, unsalted butter and sea salt. Living life to the full and generally understanding the food business enable him to direct the ship from the helm on a daily basis.
He says: “Being half Lebanese and half Irish I grew up eating just Khobus in Lebanon and in Ireland my Grandmother taught me to bake soda bread which we used to eat with butter and her homemade raspberry jam. Travelling through Europe I began to experience and appreciate all the different types of textures and flavours the continent had to offer. I didn’t know how to bake when I took over the bakery and had to teach myself. I am still learning every day and will continue to."

His upbringing and his skills, learnt the hardway across all areas of the catering industry over many years ensure he has the continued drive and commitment to producing the best bread he can to a wide range of customers.
Surrounding himself with keen and committed staff,ensures Ghaleb can regaulrly challenge the business and look at ways of making it better and better. 
Having the right staff around him to support the vision is crucial. Those key employees close to him understand the standards that are set and what needs to be done!